Monday, May 2, 2016

Chikankari Sarees- from Lucknow

Lucknow - state capital of UttarPradesh,which is famous for its Moghal tradition, known as city of Nawabs, also famous for its chikankari embroidery. There may be very few who don't know about chikankari embroidery.

Origin of Chikankari:

It is a similar to schwalm embroidery (white work). The embroidery is made using white thread on white linen.Nowadays its is done using colored cloths with color threads. Chikan is derived from Persian word Chikin meaning cloths made with needlework. This was originally introduced by Mughal empress Noorjahan.

The motifs in chikankari are majorly flowers, paisley designs , vine designs etc.
Motifs used in chikankari

 Types of stitches:

Chikankari is said to consists of  40 types of different stitches. Among them a very commonly used is tepchi -running stitch. Other few commonly used stitches are Phanda-small circular dot, Jaali - which forms a type of net, murri- knotted stitch,  and bakhia - which is similar to herringbone stitch, used for shadow effect.

Chikankari Sarees: 

Chikankari embroidery has been  influencing fashion industry from ages. Earlier it was a court craft, which were practised in Kolkata, Bangladesh, Delhi, Gaya , Varanasi etc. It is used by most of the designers now, may be it is a kurti, salwar kameez or a saree. 

There are many varieties in Chikankari sarees available. Chikankari sarees are normally in light or pastel shade, and the cloth is fine muslin, cotton, organdy , Georgette etc.
 Here is one such saree in light green color and paisley designs

Another is in  lavender color with paisley and florsl design all over:

 Nowadays many  have worked with dark colors like black, blue and red etc. Here is chikankari saree in black and white combination:

In 1980 , the Bhakia stitch which gives shadow effect, dominated and traders flooded the markets with coarsely embroidered chikankari sarees and dresses. Many handicraft organizations worked to bring back the intricate and fine designs involving stitches like murri, phanda, jaali etc. This has improved the quality of the embroidery. This also made chikankari  enter into international fashion market, thereby improving the livelihoods of crafts-persons.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Peacock design in Batik painting

Peacock  inspires many forms of arts and crafts. It has influenced our ancient arts as well as modern arts. 

In fabric and jewellery design we find huge influence of peacock design. You can see some of my works in screen printing using peacock design.

Here sharing, another design which I found on a saree. This is a saree with batik painting. Already I have shared about batik painting in my previous posts. 

This is not my work, but very beautiful peacock in batik painting found on a saree.Here it is:

peacock design
Peacock design in batik painting
Very beautiful , isn't it? Will share some more peacock designs in the coming posts.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Saturday, April 23, 2016

She is beautiful, stylish- making of Clay doll

She is beautiful, she is stylish with wild designer dress, and has lovely curled golden hair. I'm not talking about any Hollywood actress, she is the cutie doll.
Here she is :
clay doll making
Cutie doll
Is she not mesmerizing you by her beauty? I know you can't say NO. She is the cutie doll I made from clay.

Doll making is an ancient art. Human beings are always fascinated by dolls. The Gombe habba(Festival of dolls)  of Karnataka    is an example for this.  I have written in last posts there are several kinds of dolls made  in India, like Channpatna dolls,Kinnala doll etc.

Making of clay doll:

I was longing to learn making of clay doll. Inquired many experts too. But either there was time constraint or location was too far. At last  my wish fulfilled. I enrolled to learn Siporex carving class, the organizer told me she is conducting class to make clay doll too. Immediately I enrolled for both. This took 2 days to complete the doll making. The whole experience of making doll was very nice and the trainer was very patient to answer all our queries. 
The end result is very cute. Here are the glimpses of cuteness, beautiful face
clay doll making

Her beautiful golden color , curly hair with hat on that:
clay doll making
Long golden hair!
Her stylish shoes:
clay doll making
Wild shoes
Overall she is not lees than any Hollywood actress :)
clay doll making

I wanted to share the procedure of making, but could not take the photos of the intermediate steps. Soon will make one more cutie doll and share the tutorial with my readers. 

Until then,

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

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