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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cute... cuter....cutest dolls

Dolls ...who doesn't like dolls... Dolls have been part of human being's life from ancient time. Human being used clay, wood , metal etc to make dolls . The archaeologists have found metal dolls from Mohenjadaro during excavation.
The Doll made of brass found in excavation of  Monhenjadaro
Image courtesy- Google images
So the history of dolls is quite ancient. There are also evidences that, Greeks and Romans used to bury dolls in children's grave.
Nowadays we find, lots and lots of dolls. Different kinds of dolls are sold by street vendors to the dolls sold in big showrooms, different varieties from handmade to branded ones like Barbie, American Girl etc.
I remember I had learnt making soft toys from one of my craft teachers. I used to gift them to the kids. I really regret I don't have photos of those. Its really nice to convert the the fur and cotton into lively dolls.
Some people are masters of decorating a simple plastic dolls. I got an opportunity to see such collections of cute dolls.
 I have already written about the artist Late.Smt. Manjua. in my previous posts:

 3rd-anniversary of my blog. Happy to write about the most talented lady ...but with tears in my eyes

Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula

In this post sharing about the cute dolls decorated by Late. Smt. Manjula
Here are those dolls,

This is a doll depicting western bride , made of wood. Its looks so lovely and lively, you can see the shyness  in the eyes of the dolls.
The below one is doll transformed to look like Kerala woman. Specialty is the  white saree with Gold border and the hairstyle. 
 The below one is doll with water pot, this one is done so perfect, that you can see the doll is decorated with a cloth with normal print, so that it is made to look like  a woman busy with household work
A Kathakali (An Indian Dance form) dancer
Manipuri(An Indian dance form ) dancer 
This one  really shows the artistic capabilities of Smt. Manjula.  .
Doll made to look like a Banjara woman (About Banjara or Lambani you can read here .) 
You can see the Banjara embroidery made on the cloth.

 The below one a plastic doll transformed into a Lambani woman. In this also you can see very fine mirror work and embroidery made on the clothes of the doll.
The back side is also decorated with Banjara Embroidery. This shows the perfection of the artist in her work.

All dolls are very cute, in fact, each one is cute, cuter and cutest doll. :)

Soon will write about the crochet works of Smt. Manjula. 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Suggi - A harvest folk dance

In India harvest is celebrated in many ways. In our district (North Kanara, Karnataka), its celebrated by performing a dance "Suggi" by the farmers.
Suggi, dress itself is very colorful. Mainly it contains "Turai"- which is worn on head of the dancer. This is made of Solawood. "Gudigar ", a community of artists makes this.( About  Gudigars I have written in my previous post)
Here are some pictures  of making the Turai,
These are the Solawood collected by the artist
The solawood will be peeled , made into small pieces and colored with dark pink.
Also some white and colored flowers are made for decoration.
Then these are arranged on a thin stick.

The decorated sticks are made into colorful bunch. Here you can see an artist arranging the colorful sticks:
This is very beautiful , the completed bunches :
"Turai", is very specific to "Suggi". Most of the  dancers wear this on the head. All the dancers, go to temples and few houses , and perform the "Suggi ". They dance to the a Rhythmic music. Its really lovely to see the happiness of the farmers in the form of their dance.
"Suggi" , dancers( the image is not so clear :( )
Now a days some of the dancers dress differently also :
Here are the dancers , dressed as a woman and one more as Hanuman,

They perform the dance up to Holi  ( A festival which is celebrated with colors)
Now as other folk dances of India, this is also a vanishing. A very few farmers are left who perform this dance form.
Every year during March month I remember about "Suggi". I really miss watching "Suggi". This year collected these pictures from my brother, to share about this folk dance with you all.
Soon will share about many arts and crafts...

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dhareshwara- Don't miss to visit this ancient temple

If you are traveling on NH 17 connecting Mangalore and Goa, then don't miss to visit this small ancient temple- Dhareshwara. I don't know the exact time of construction of this temple. It is one of the five temples which has Atmalinga, so I guess these five temples must be constructed at same time.
Other five temples are :
  • Mahabaleshwara – Gokarna
  • Sajjeshwar – Near Karwar
  • Dhareshwar –On NH 17 between Mangalore and Goa
  • Gunavanteshwar –On NH 17 between Mangalore and Goa
  • Murudeshwar – This temple is also on NH17, about which I have already written in the following posts:  
    • Murudeshwara- Temple on Seashore
    • Murudeshwara- The story of Aatmalinga

      Its a very small temple. This is how it looks ,
      There is a small pond, (Pushkarani) in front of the temple:

      Entrance of the temple :
      Once yo enter the temple, yo can see beautifully carved interior of the temple 

      Some sculptress on the exterior of the temple: 

       Though its small temple, attracts because of its ancient history. What I am feeling is it should be maintained properly.But its worth to give a visit to this temple, if you are traveling on NH17 connecting Mangalore and Goa.
      Many more to share with you, but in next posts,

       Until then,
      Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some unique jewels in our collection

After a long break returning back to blogosphere. Missed all the bloggers , their blogposts and of course the readers very much.
The reason behind being away from blogosphere is I did not have time (Hmmm same old reason :-) ) I was busy in roaming , I was busy in completing some of my art and craft projects, moreover I was busy in designing handcrafted imitation jewels! And  I am very happy to share some unique designs with you all.
Here is the one I liked the most :

This is made of long gemstone beads and synthetic coral rose in the middle. The color is very unique and this goes well with any kind of dress.
The below one is a jhumka.The specialty of this Jhumka is the Green jhumka is carved stone, which I got from Rajasthan. I have attached the Gold color beads and stud to this.
The below one is very trendy and elegant. This has a leaf shaped side pendant and 2 strands of teal green 8 mm glass crystals with matching earrings.
The below are Meenakari. I can say Meenakari is pride of India. Very intricately done enamel work. I have attached a pendant to the Meenakari Haslis( the curved pipes)

The below one is Pearl and Coral combination It has synthetic coral carved bead as side pendant and strings of pearls.

You  can view and also buy all these jewels , visiting Pranjalika Collections . If you like jewels please like the page too.
 Very happy to share all these handcrafted jewels with you all. Soon starting series about different kinds of jewels . Feeling relaxed after coming back to blogosphere. I have lots to share with you, this journey will continue.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Friday, February 7, 2014

Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula

In my last post I have written about the most talented lady , Late .Smt Manjula. She is not with us  today, but her works in arts and crafts will be always inspirational to art and craft lovers.
In this post sharing about wire handbags  made by her. Few years back making handbags from colorful wires was popular craft. Even I remember my mother making wire handbag. But most of the handbags I have seen have common designs. I was amazed to see the different kinds of handbags made by Smt. Manjula.
Here are some I can share:
 Cute Pink and White combination with little rose as lock.
Here is the closer view of the weaving, and if you know about wire weaving you can observe that the weaving is reversed. Hats off to her creativity!
Here are some more:
Blue and White combination with double straps
 Handbag with Black and Green combination
 This is something different, flower shape, I guess this was made using crochet.
This is a shopping bag and the weaving is in Pentagon shape.
This is made with beads, and it has a small outer pocket also.
 The outer pocket has the bead hangings .
Each piece is unique and very innovative.  The color combination, weaving and pattern, everything is perfect.
This shows Smt. Manjula's interest in craft.
This journey into the world of arts and crafts doesn't end here, I will write about about the crochet works by Late. Smt. Manjla , in my next post.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

3rd-anniversary of my blog. Happy to write about the most talented lady ...but with tears in my eyes.

Today  Ranjana's craft blog completed 3 years and stepping to 4th year. I should be happy for that, but I have tears in my eyes while writing this post. I was preparing to write this post from past 15-20 days. I have a section in this blog where I write about artists. I had planned to write about an artist Smt. Manjula, so I had met her on 12th of Jan to collect information about her works , on 13th of Jan I was segregating the images of her works, I was shocked to hear the  news of her demise. With tears in my eyes , heart filled with condolence towards her family, writing this post with a message to her " We really miss you Aunty".

The most talented lady I met in my life.

Coming back to her works, I'm just wondering about which one shall I write. I can say she was the most talented lady I had met in my life. Sometimes think, let me start writing about her crochet work, then suddenly I remember about her enchanting embroidery works,mmmm...no shall I write about her doll making skills ...really confused. So decided to write about all , but that will require at-least 5-6 posts.

I won't disappoint the readers, just sharing about the batik painting she made, and she was so generous , though this was the last peice she had, she gave it to me as gift. I feel I'm really lucky to have this:
Isn't that beautiful work of art!Nowadays we get ready made batik paints and we don't have to struggle too much to make a batik painting. But earlier it was made with chemicals, and she had made number of batik paintings like this. She told me she used to conduct classes also. Now I consider myself unlucky as I never got opportunity to learn from her. :( .
This doesn't end here dears, if you read the list of arts and crafts she practiced, you will definitely agree with my words, "She was the most talented lady", because she knew making baskets from wires, crochet, tatting, doll making, batik painting, embroidery, mirror work, Banjara mirror work, knitting, baking, gardening, cross stitch, sewing & stitching , calligraphy , cutwork, machine embroidery ...and the list continues. 2-3 days before I came to know she had learnt music also.
So its better to write each of these spreading across 5-6 posts.  I wanted to complete the post soon and very eager to show it to her.But destiny had different plans. She should have been with us for few more years, but may be God wanted some art work from her, don't know...I'm short of words...tears are rolling down my cheeks remembering her...again repeating the most talented and the generous lady I have met in my life. And I'm sure reading my next posts , all the readers will agree with me.

Next 5-6 posts write about her works.

life is very uncertain,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Very unique collection of Sarees

It has been long I could not write any post.As usual I was busy with jewelry  designing.
Today is my son's birthday , so taken off for all my activities. Thought of browsing for latest design trends in sarees. My eyes stuck in this website http://www.jomso.com/ . This is an online shop for all the Indian Ethnic wear. All the varieties of ethnic dress , starting from Sarees Salwar Suits , Lehangas , many more to satisfy lover of Indian Ethnic wear.

As I'm crazy about saree, I browsed through some of the sarees.All the designs are amazing.
I saw this red saree with silver color border, this just stuck my eyes.

Some more very attractive sarees in party wear category , one more Peach Georgette Saree with fancy Shimmer Gold border and comes with  Peach Blouse piece.

Very rare green color saree,
These designs made me to browse more, as I love embroidered saree, I thought of browsing through some lehangas and bridal wear sarees. Those are also mesmerizing. 
Some are here:

 Very nice color combination, elegant embroidery works, fusion of ethnic as well as western. 
Some of the bridal sarees.
Any Indian bride will love to wear this on her special occasion in life, to make it more special.
And as a working woman , I'm interested in casual wear sarees, which I can wear to office everyday. Those are also in very elegant and perfect colors:
 Anything , I can't say, I didn't like. Hope you will also like . Why don't you just browse through all the categories once,http://www.jomso.com/ .

In next post, introducing an artist . To know about the artist, keep an eye on my blog.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Note : This post is written as a product review;  any kind of issue with Jomso product I'm(blogger) not responsible for that. Its between Jomso and the buyer. 
All the image courtesy: Jomso.

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