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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ikkat - textile of Orissa

I have already written about Gombe habba. I Will write about the same in the next posts too. Recently visited  arts and crafts exhibitions conducted at many places in city. I was busy in visiting these exhibitions, got opportunity to view many forms of arts and crafts . Sure, I will share about all the forms of arts and crafts in the coming posts.  In one of such exhibitions  came across Orissa Sarees( normally called as Odisha Sarees).

Here are those colorful sarees:

Aren't these beautiful?! The geometrical designs on bright colors give special appearance and elegance to the cloth. The geometrical shapes on the cloth is made by special dyeing and weaving mechanism called ikat.

Ikat is a dyeing mechanism making geometrical pattern on cloths. You can read more about ikat here.
This art of dyeing is basically from Indonesia, but now its been woven in India too. This is majorly practiced in Orissa and also in Pochmpally of Andhra Pradesh. The tying of threads before dyeing should be very precise to get the geometrical shape.
The ikat sarees made in  Sambalpuri of Orissa sarees are called Sambalpuri sarees. These are characterized by the special motifs like lotus, creeper, elephant , lion , peacock etc.
Here you can see some of the beautiful motifs:

This saree has brown background with Lotus and Peacock motifs. 
I always love to have different  kinds of sarees in my collection of sarees. I normally buy the different kinds of sarees when I visit the places. Also, when I visit some exhibitions.But nowadays we can buy online too. While searching for such online shops I stumbled upon this site , which offers discount coupons too . One of them is CupoNation.
Hope this will be helpful to the readers who are interested to collect different artifacts.

In next posts share about the different themes used in Gombe habba I visited.

Until then,
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gombe Habba with different themes

During each Dasara I write about Gombe habba. Every year I have been lucky enough to get invitation and enjoy  Gombe habba. Its celebrated during Dasara in some parts of South India. This is celebrated by arranging dolls in the house by women. Each year its different experience and memorable. This year during Dasara I did not get any invitation. So was little disappointed. Thanks to one of my friends, she took me to her friend's house on the last day of Dasara.
I was stunned to see the arrangements of the dolls.It was doll arrangements with different themes, Eco friendly and arranged by 3 generation :-), grand mother, mother and grand daughter. :-) I cannot cover all in single post.
When I entered the house the living room was full with dolls arranged.I was excited to see the dolls and  gave full-time work to my camera.
Let me start with the dolls arranged on different steps, here it is:

The first row from down has dolls of little boys and infants, arranged in a cute way.
  Aren't the dolls very cute? And there are dolls of infants in different position, that too arranged in the cradle. Here is the close look. Ah! I haven't seen any doll cuter than this! What do you say?
 The creativity can be seen in the cradles made of paper.

Next row is dolls depicting story of birth of Shanmukha or Murugan :
Next row is  dolls depicting Dashavatara, (10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu) :
 And Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the next row:
 And the top most row with Pattada Gombe.

These are just one section of the dolls arrangement. Actually the whole house was filled with lots and lots of dolls, arranged in different themes, which I will share in the next post.

Until then, 
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plagiarism- its disgusting !!!

This blog I started to share my experiences and experiments with arts and crafts.  As its about arts and crafts I need many images and photos. To write some of the posts , I wait till I get proper photos. And to write posts about embroidery, dress design , jewel design and other crafts, I personally make some models and capture the photos of those and then write about those. This is the fourth year of my blogging. I have written approximately 147 posts. Out of these 137 posts are copied by another person, without my consent. Today while searching for some information I came to know about this. Really painful, and disgusting!

First I thought of ignoring this, but as one of my blogger friends suggested to write a post about this, at least the blogosphere will come to know about this

Not only posts, the thief has copied my name also to link. Oh My God!....
My blog original link is  : http://ranjana-craft-blog.blogspot.in/
The copied link : http://ranjana-craftnews.blogspot.in/

Also the person has listed nearly 16 blogs in the profile, those must also be copied I guess... No, I'm sure those are also copied from other blogs.

I don't know what to do next, hope my readers, followers and friends would give suggestions.

But I will keep sharing about my experiences with  arts and crafts with you all. Nothing can stop that. :-)

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Patachitra- Pride of Orissa

Already I have written about Patachitra in my earlier post. In this post sharing about the process of making patachitra and the designs and motifs used in Patachitra.
The Patachitra are made on Palm leaf strips joined with stitches.
Here you can see the one I have,
The theme in this Patachitra is Shri Krishna and Dashavatara pictures. The pictures are engraved on the palm leaf.
Here you can see the engraved picture, closely.
The middle picture is of Krishna and Radha, the surrounding motifs are of Dashavatara( 10 reincarnation  of Shri Vishnu) . Here are the beautiful motifs:

The borders are normally have geometrical motifs or floral designs.
Floral borders:

Geometrical border:
The Patachitra is also done on clothes. Before making the painting the cloth is bonded with gum made of tamarind powder to hold the paint properly.After applying the tamarind paste the cloth is dried in sun. Once dried rubbed on both the sides with stone first and then with smooth pebble. Then the design is painted on the cloth with natural dyes.
Here is a colorful Patachitra.
Each Patachitra is painted so intricately that, every painting shows the effort of the artist. Its not only just a decorative painting, Patachtra has a role in some rituals performed in temple of Puri.
I'm really happy to share about this unique art which is part of diversity of India.

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shri Krishna - Inspiration to many Arts and Crafts

Today is Shri Krishna Janmashtami. Lord Krishna considered as Great Philosopher, Management Guru, the person who whole heartedly  tried for the betterment of society etc. But for the art lovers like us he is always inspiration for different kinds of arts and crafts. I always like to design with Krishna theme. Sharing some of the arts and crafts pieces created by me using Krishna theme.

The below one is a oil painting depicting first touch of Krishna and Radha
About this painting I have already written in one of my posts - Touch of Krishna - Oil Painting
And recently included the Krishna theme in jewels designed :

This has a beautiful  hand painted Radha-Krishna pendant with many pearl strands. Without Radha , anything related to Krishna is not complete.
 Below is the one with a pendant hand painted, with two strands of semi precious beads.

This one is again Radha Krishna hand painted pendant , with semi precious bead strands.

These and many more hand crafted jewels you can view in our page : Pranjalika Collections
Planning to paint a saree with Krishna theme. Will share about that in coming posts.
In my previous post shared about Patachitra Paintings , in next post share about the process behind making of Patachitra.

Until then, 
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Patachitra- Paintings that narrate stories- Pride of Orissa

It has been more than 2 months , I haven't written any post. Missed all the posts written by my blogger friends. Life was hectic for few days, till now its the same, but could not stay away from blogosphere for long. I had many plans - like writing about sarees of India, different arts ad crafts of world, different kind of jewels etc. But could not. Thought  let me start with this post.
Its always been my wish to visit craftsmen of different places and have a close look of their works, how the arts and crafts have become their life etc.I consider myself lucky that I had got chance to visit some of the craftsmen and see their works. Hope I will get some more chances to view the works of the craftsmen at their places. Still crafts lovers like me get such chances when we visit some craft fest or exhibition. Recently I got such opportunity when I visited a craft fest. I could see many crafts from exhibitors from all over India, will share about all in my posts. In this post sharing about Patachithra painting - a traditional painting from Orissa.
Patachitra derives from two Sanskrit words- Pata means canvas and Chitra means painting. Though most of the paintings are made depending on stories of Mahabharatha and Ramayana, the popular ones are of paintings of Lord Jagannath, like the below one.
 Below one is depicting story of Ramayana,

The middle of the painting is crowning ceremony of Shri Rama ( Hindu God). And the surrounding the centre picture there is series of pictures depicting stories of Ramayana. The painting has a border. The borders are of two types , geometrical or floral.
There is a special process for making the canvas and to paint. There are different motifs which are used in the paintings. Also I want o boast about the Patachithra I own, but all in the next post.

Until then, 
Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cute... cuter....cutest dolls

Dolls ...who doesn't like dolls... Dolls have been part of human being's life from ancient time. Human being used clay, wood , metal etc to make dolls . The archaeologists have found metal dolls from Mohenjadaro during excavation.
The Doll made of brass found in excavation of  Monhenjadaro
Image courtesy- Google images
So the history of dolls is quite ancient. There are also evidences that, Greeks and Romans used to bury dolls in children's grave.
Nowadays we find, lots and lots of dolls. Different kinds of dolls are sold by street vendors to the dolls sold in big showrooms, different varieties from handmade to branded ones like Barbie, American Girl etc.
I remember I had learnt making soft toys from one of my craft teachers. I used to gift them to the kids. I really regret I don't have photos of those. Its really nice to convert the the fur and cotton into lively dolls.
Some people are masters of decorating a simple plastic dolls. I got an opportunity to see such collections of cute dolls.
 I have already written about the artist Late.Smt. Manjua. in my previous posts:

 3rd-anniversary of my blog. Happy to write about the most talented lady ...but with tears in my eyes

Lets enter the world of craft- Wire handbags made by Smt. Manjula

In this post sharing about the cute dolls decorated by Late. Smt. Manjula
Here are those dolls,

This is a doll depicting western bride , made of wood. Its looks so lovely and lively, you can see the shyness  in the eyes of the dolls.
The below one is doll transformed to look like Kerala woman. Specialty is the  white saree with Gold border and the hairstyle. 
 The below one is doll with water pot, this one is done so perfect, that you can see the doll is decorated with a cloth with normal print, so that it is made to look like  a woman busy with household work
A Kathakali (An Indian Dance form) dancer
Manipuri(An Indian dance form ) dancer 
This one  really shows the artistic capabilities of Smt. Manjula.  .
Doll made to look like a Banjara woman (About Banjara or Lambani you can read here .) 
You can see the Banjara embroidery made on the cloth.

 The below one a plastic doll transformed into a Lambani woman. In this also you can see very fine mirror work and embroidery made on the clothes of the doll.
The back side is also decorated with Banjara Embroidery. This shows the perfection of the artist in her work.

All dolls are very cute, in fact, each one is cute, cuter and cutest doll. :)

Soon will write about the crochet works of Smt. Manjula. 

Love , laugh and live the life to the fullest,


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